Mobile Systems

The mobile era not only changes how we work, but also how we do business:

User-ExperienceMobility requires a fundamental rethinking of how business processes work. It’s not just about digitizing paper or force-fitting iPads in business scenarios. Businesses need to raise their expectations. They need more than consumption only devices. The mobility transformation goes beyond technology – it is a mindset and commitment to exploring how mobility can transform business, from

  • New products served up through devices & cloud
  • New ways to monetize existing products
  • New ways to serve & interact with customers
  • New methods of managing supply chains and partnerships

ProductivityAnd many more that we haven’t thought of yet. Today, embracing mobility is a becoming a competitive advantage for companies who truly innovate their businesses in this mobile era.

ItemSight Mobile is used in all aspects of item level RFID. With the advanced search, inventory, and data management features ItemSight mobile becomes invaluable in any RFID solution.

SecurityBy real-time enabling existing enterprise systems, processes and IT infrastructure, ItemSight Mobile will supplement, and enable you to optimize your operations quickly and cost-effectively.

In a collaborative, de-perimeterised environment, if the device need to be trusted then the management of the device becomes critical when collaborating with another device, system or service.  The entire lifecycle of a device needs to be managed, from the point of device creation or on-boarding process to registering external devices, systems or services through to managing the device and ensuring the software and OS environment on the device stays current, to eventually repudiating the device and potentially removing any sensitive data or configuration information.

Manage Complete Life Cycle of your device

Device Life Cycle management-1


ItemSight Mobile supplements any connected device to provide the insight and intelligence organizations need to improve processes, reduce labor resources and better respond to competitive challenges & customer needs.

ItemSight enabled an Apparel Retailer to reduce search times for items by 40%. Instead of spending an hour to find an important item it now takes 5 minutes.

App-platformThrough the RFID revolution traditional barcode acquired data and RFID acquired data will coexist for many years to come. The new technology needs to blend into the old seamlessly and efficiently to take advantage of the higher efficiencies the new RFID technology has to offer.

ItemSight Mobile gives your workers the ability to capture a comprehensive range of data – from RFID tags and images to 1D, and 2D bar codes – offering a flexible multi-functional system that integrates RFID data and barcode data seamlessly.

ItemSight Mobile is a multipurpose multi-functional, and Smart device platform.