Sample Management

Sample-ManagementThe ItemSight Cloud for Sample Management helps companies eliminate duplicate efforts, reduce costly over-development and improve assortment selection based on effective prototype management.
The solution provides robust sample management functionality.

The ItemSight Cloud helps workers research, locate, track, trace and accumulate samples for meeting and functions in a timely manner thereby giving one more time which increases efficiency in every aspect of day to day operation. Keeping better track of samples cuts down on the number of samples ordered which will reduce the burden on the vendor, the cost of more samples, and most important improve speed to market.

Brands are always looking to boost inefficiencies and measure performance. The macro-economic climate has made these initiatives imperative for success in today’s environment. A key indicator in cost management and efficiency is the performance of the sample management process. Whether looking to drive development ratios, increase cost and margin control, or improve time-to-market, effective sample management can greatly impact a brand’s success.

For any of the typical day to day functions of a samples process to be performed the samples first have to be received, inventoried with appropriate information, and attached to the items. Equally as important they have to track and recover items quickly. If this doesn’t happen the entire process breaks down equating to huge inefficiencies with a negative impact to the bottom line.

Sample Management is an important part of the product design and development processes. In most companies the process is typically handled by the associates who use them for meetings, demonstrations and a variety of business needs. The efficiency of this process can be greatly improved by the proper use of item level identification.

Sample management which was once considered an unmanageable effort now becomes very manageable and a primary function of efficiency

  • Easily locate equipment
  • Deploy fleets and field service teams efficiently
  • Prevent and detect theft of equipment
  • Maintain real-time inventory of assets by tracking location
  • Optimize supply chain by tracking shipments from origin to ultimate destination

Pharmaceutical Mandates:

Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA)