Health Care

  1. Check-in/ Registration

Health-SystemKiosk with interactive touch-screens walk you through the registration process

  • Validate patient identity before accessing medical records
  • Verify and update Patient information
  • Identify/confirm emergency contacts
  • Review and e-sign compliance and privacy forms
  • Request addition information to improve patients experience – dietary preferences, gown/slipper sizes; offers to upgrade to a private room for a small charge (based on insurance coverage)



  • Faster service/no waiting
  • Not required to re-enter data
  • Options to make hospital stay more enjoyable


  • Reduced admin costs
  • Improved resource utilization (staff, food, gowns, rooms, etc.)
  • Higher patient satisfaction
  • Revenue opportunities
  1. Waiting Room

While waiting, digital signs provide information that is specific and relevant to the patient

  • Estimated wait times
  • Location of cafeteria, gift shop, coffee shop, and rest rooms
  • Hospital directories/directions
  • Promotions
  • Hospital services
  • Content tailored based on information they know about patients waiting
  1. Intake

Digital signs and thin clients support efficient, personalized intake of patients

  • Directs patient to the right, free intake specialist
  • Provide views of the patients records to the intake specialist
  • Provide the intake specialist a checklist to collect/confirm required information
  • Allow patient to complete the process by eSigning documents and forms