Life Sciences

Thousands of trading partners.  Hundreds of regions. 
Different compliance regulations by country.  

The ItemSight Life Sciences Cloud replaces physical supply chain complexities with one of the largest online networks in the world.

Track and trace all your products with nothing more than a web browser. Meet compliance regulations in any country. Execute and manage serialization on a massive scale. Exchange data with all your trading partners. And most importantly, ensure that your life-saving medicines reach patients in the most timely manner possible.

Safeguard the integrity of every medication you manufacture

Consumers place unconditional trust in every prescription medication they take. When tainted or counterfeit medicines surface, pharmaceutical companies are the first in question –  regardless of when or where the breach occurred.

The ItemSight Life Sciences Cloud gives pharmaceutical companies complete supply chain visibility.

Track and trace every product and all of the compliance data associated with it, as it travels from your facility through your trade partner network, and to the pharmacy or hospital that will dispense it. Anytime, anywhere.

Facilitate compliance while continuing to grow your business.

With more pharmaceuticals virtualizing operations, contract manufacturers and packagers play an increasingly large role in the supply chain. As serialization comes into play, that means you face increasingly big collaboration challenges.

You must pass serialization data to the pharmaceutical companies that are ultimately responsible for meeting the regulations.

ItemSight’s Life Sciences Cloud reduces the data exchange challenge to one simple connection. With seamless information sharing, products remain in compliance and your business continues to thrive.

Agile regulatory coverage.
For all the wholesale products you purchase and distribute

As a wholesale distributor, you face new and emerging compliance regulations in nearly every country. How you manage these requirements, while maintaining operational efficiency with your upstream suppliers and downstream buyers, is paramount to your success.

Joining the ItemSight Life Sciences Cloud network gives wholesalers complete connectivity to all of their supply chain partners.

ItemSight manages every compliance transaction for you, so that you stay focused on running your business and preventing disruption in the flow of critical medicine through the supply chain

Preserve your brand reputation for quality and excellence in repackaging.

Drug repackagers are extremely careful and meticulous when altering prescription dosage levels for physicians and pharmacies. Their brand reputations depend on ensuring that the right amount of medication reaches the right patient at the right time.

If you’re a repackager, new global laws require you to conform to new standards, but you don’t have to face the challenge alone.

ItemSight Life Sciences Cloud handles regulatory supply chain compliance requirements for repackagers, allowing you to keep your diligence on accurately consolidating drug quantities and supplying them to your customers.

Invest more time with your pharmacy patients.
Worry less about your compliance paperwork.

Today’s pharmacies, hospitals and health clinics are more than just drug dispensers. They provide invaluable counsel on drug interactions, side effects, disease prevention, nutrition, health management, and more.

Whether you run a large pharmacy chain with multiple locations or a single storefront, the last thing you need is more regulatory paperwork that requires you to spend less time with your patients.

The ItemSight Life Sciences Cloud lets you connect with all your suppliers to easily exchange compliance documents, so you can invest extra time providing answers to questions that matter to patients.