Real Impact for Better Defense


Conflicts and increasing numbers of humanitarian crises at home and abroad place continued demands on military forces to implement innovative solutions that support highly-complex operations and missions. At the same time, today’s economic climate is placing mounting pressure on defense organizations to reduce spending. While balancing these demands poses an immense challenge, we’re seeing more and more defense organizations make amazing strides to achieve new with less.
Emerging trends in today’s operational environment—mobile, social, big data, and the cloud—represent the next frontier in innovation, growth, and competiveness; and, more and more organizations are finding ways to harness these trends to better meet their objectives.
ComponentSoft and the Microsoft ecosystem are committed to providing information technology that fosters innovation and enables more secure, reliable, and sustainable solutions that empower customers in defense, intelligence, homeland security, government and commercial sectors to make a real impact for a better tomorrow.

Take advantage of the Cloud
With the cloud, defense organizations can better support war-fighting functions—be they movement and maneuver, mission command, intelligence, protection or sustainment. The ItemSight Cloud Platform for defense provides a flexible, secure, and cost-effective backbone for joint integration of capabilities that connect decentralized military units, systems, and information.

Consolidate Data in the cloud and on-premise.
Reduce the cost of the data center and optimize workloads across military units through consolidation. Benefits include access control identity management, secure gateway and application monitoring across disparate platforms.

Offer Public Facing Websites/Web Apps Enable your defense organizations to deploy and scale Web Apps in minutes. Defense organizations can seamlessly extend personnel public web services to the air force, army, and navy for those on active duty as well as the general public.

Reduce cost, simplify management, improve services, and provide transparency with cloud computing services that allow defense and military staff to work together across departments and agencies.

Gain insights for better decision making
Increase the understanding of trends, patterns, and relationships in complex streams of information to more effectively support intelligence functions, mobilize units, and allocate resources.

Utilize Dashboard with KPI Measurement
Enable rapid decision making and mitigate threats with improved data visualization for accurate and up-to-the-minute view of impending situations, as well as an understanding of the exact location, capacity, and status of national and allied land, air, and naval forces with situational awareness.

Gain a competitive by managing your fleet more efficiently
Defense organizations can increase the return on their investments and drive greater efficiency with fleet management tools for recording and reporting all pertinent data on their military units—all from a unified management console.

Improve military logistics with solutions that provide the ability to integrate and exchange data with different systems in an international and deployed environment.