Our system can be on premises with existing infrastructure or use the cloud approach in combination with Embedded devices that enable users to extend the intelligence of their organization and increase business opportunities.


ComponentSoft delivers and supports both on premises and cloud solutions with an array of software products designed to integrate seamlessly with one another and provide maximum reliability. Our Embedded Devices software easily integrates into both On Premises and Cloud based solutions – and any hybrid combination.

Intelligent Embedded devices send data, including machine generated data, from sensors and other end points.

Looking at the On Premises side of the diagram, large amounts of infrastructure data from daily operations throughout the enterprise are gathered in in-house data centers. Combined with historical data and data received from the End Points running an Embedded footprint, this data forms the foundation for business analytics.

Data processed by analytic’s applications translates into insights, adjustment and updates and is sent back to the on premise infrastructure applications that are responsible for things like quality assurance and optimization of business operations.

In contrast the Cloud solution builds on Infrastructure as a Service or Platform as a Service concept. Infrastructure as a service lets businesses purchase infrastructure services “in the cloud.” Platform as a service allows developers to develop or migrate their applications to run as a cloud service, taking advantage of key cloud values including elasticity and built in data redundancy. In both models, web services and cloud storage are used to deliver value on behalf of customers.

The services and software that run in the cloud are designed for processing big data across multiple sites from large aggregates of devices. The analytics are performed in the Cloud. They offer insights about the best future directions and choices and may mine past events for important trends to understand consumers, businesses, and products.

Information from Intelligent devices is sent directly to the Cloud and is responsible for routing information to cloud applications and services in order to optimize business operations.

The Management Center extends as a powerful management tool to manage servers and services both On Premise and in the Cloud.

The output of business analytics data passes through a data staging or presentation layer. In the Data Presentation layer it is possible to combine analytical information from both On Premises and in the Cloud thus providing users and decision makers with the best of both worlds. 3rd party data sources may also be integrated into this layer.

Finally data is sent to the User Experience layer and is presented to end-users as easy-to-consume dashboards, reports, web content or phone applications.

The power of smart devices combined with the ComponentSoft infrastructure platform either On Premises or in the Cloud delivers powerful Intelligent Systems, which in turn deliver key business insights that enable users to act on opportunities that would otherwise be out-of-reach.