The ItemSight Cloud Service includes RFID, M2M, and IoT connectivity services, software agents, and toolkits that enable you to establish connectivity between your devices or assets and the Cloud Platform, while allowing you to choose the communication method and hardware that suits the needs of your IoT solution. As a result, you can connect to any product using any device, over any communication channel (cellular networks, the Internet, WiFi, or satellite), for any application.


Our RFID and M2M Connectivity Services include several types of solutions depending on the class of device or asset that you need to connect to:


  • Provides Networking provisions and manages VPNs and establishes machine-to-machine connections.
  • Service Bus establishes secure messaging, relays capabilities, and allows developers to build hybrid applications; it also enables loosely coupled solutions and robust mobile device capabilities.
  • Cloud Connectivity load balances user traffic across hosted services and makes scaling of services possible for superior flexibility and cost efficiency. As an added convenience, it allows IT infrastructure to set up and take down virtual machines in the ItemSight Cloud with only a few clicks.

Toolkits – Applications for embedded devices in Intelligent Systems based on our platform can be accessed through APIs. Programmers may write code in numerous languages by using familiar, powerful developer tools such as Visual Studio and the .NET framework.   Applications can run on Windows, Windows Embedded, the Web, and 3rd party line of business platforms.

Developers can work with industry standard APIs such as ADO.NET, ODBC, JDBC, PDO, & ADO and across varied platforms like .NET, C/C++, Java, and PHP.

Cloud Ready – ItemSight is for both infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS). This powerful combination of managed and unmanaged services lets you build, deploy, and manage applications any way you like for unmatched productivity. In the day-to-day world of Intelligent Systems, connectivity between devices and applications residing within company infrastructure –whether on Premises or in the Cloud – is vital, so is connectivity between branch offices and across different geographies. Fortunately, within our Platform all connectivity combinations are possible – whether On-Premises or in the Cloud -and will work seamlessly and allow information to flow freely within an Intelligent System.