If your service organization prefers an out-of-the-box solution for remote service, ItemSight Connected Management applications fit that need in helping to deliver proactive service to their range of devices — improving up time, slashing service costs, and paving the way for you to offer value-added services based on your devices’ data.

An integral part of the ItemSight Cloud Platform is the ItemSight Connected  Management applications that provide information access from Web-based user interfaces to monitor, manage, and repair wired and wireless intelligent M2M and IoT assets.

These applications help manufacturers deliver, manage, and measure their remote service initiatives and collaborate with vendors and service providers.


In this slide we see the basic framework –or architecture -of an Intelligent System. The customers’ environment provides the components from which an Intelligent System is built.

The Infrastructure Platform consists of Management Tools and IT with Identity, Security and Application management. This Infrastructure Platform may be run at the end users on-premises datacenter or from the Cloud. In many cases it is a hybrid solution with some elements in the Cloud and some on-premises.

Devices and their Endpoints collect the data that intelligent systems depend on to drive the organization forward.

A Data Repository is used to store data accumulated within the organization, including data collected from devices, and data augmented with external data that pertains to the particular business.

Business Insights and Analytics depend on continuous flow of data from the Data Repository to feed its processing and analysis activities.

Whether in real time, working from historical data, or a combination, the analytics processes feed data to user experiences such as business reports, dashboards, or web sites. These displays are consumed by users and influence their business decisions.

Data is constantly sent from devices to the infrastructure and vice versa. Likewise, data is sent from the data repository to the analytics layer where constant exchanges take place with the Business Reporting and User Experiences applications

Learn more about ItemSight Connected Management applications:

ItemSight Connected Service – Remotely identify, diagnose, and repair devices

ItemSight Connected Access – Remotely and securely access your products to diagnose and resolve issues

ItemSight Connected Content – Automates software deployment and configuration management to many devices

ItemSight Connected Configuration – Manages asset configurations and enhances business processes using configuration data.