About Us

ComponentSoft delivers to its customers, real-time monitoring and analysis of enterprise, global supply chain data.  CS cloud-based tools, founded on Microsoft Cloud Framework, collect EPC, and other item-level data from hand-held, and automated smart devices.  CS provides each customer, with a globally accessible portal which can be customized to the requirements of the industry and business segment, enabling individual items to be tracked, Big Data aggregated and analyzed at the enterprise level.

ComponentSoft has been in business for more than 10 years, helping manufacturers, distributors, and retailers improve their business processes by capitalizing on industry-standards, scalable system architectures, custom installations, and RFID / EPC item-level tracking.  ComponentSoft began in the days of the MIT AutoID labs developing tools and installations for collecting and displaying RFID data. CS tools offered Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturers real-time visibility, combined with traditional enterprise information from Factory, to DC, to the Retail Store back-room.

Today, ComponentSoft enables its diverse customers to exploit the full value of their supply chain business data, by providing cloud-based integration and analytical tools founded on industry standard protocols and Microsoft Cloud framework.  CS extensive and diverse expertise can help our customers achieve maximum value through the complete process from:

  • Analysis of existing business process
  • Custom architecture of an optimum system that can incorporate
    • off-the-shelf handheld smart devices such as EPC scanners
    • customized fully automated smart RFID reading devices
    • key enterprise-level supply-chain data
    • Microsoft Cloud-based data aggregation and Big-Data analytical tools
  • Installation, integration and qualification testing of system components
  • Training of customer’s team
  • On-going, preventive or on-call maintenance

We are committed to measurably improve their business intelligence, and hence their overall performance to organizations both large and small, and across industry and geographic boundaries.

Some of the benefits of CS integrated solutions include:

  • better inventory accuracy, better execution of promotions
  • reduced out-of-stock, and improved replenishment
  • security of item-level tracking from the factory to the display shelf
  • iron-clad security architecture for health and other mandated secure applications

While there is intrinsic value in just having real-time item-level visibility, CS cloud-level integration maximizes the return on the investment in EPC and other item-level data collection by aggregating and allowing global access to enterprise supply chain data.

Management Team 

Robert J. Zanghi
President and Chief Architect

Mr. Zanghi has led the business CS since its founding, and has been the primary architect and strategist for ComponentSoft products and services. Prior to founding ComponentSoft in 2001, Robert started and led Client Server Technologies, a company that provided networking, and infrastructure technology. Robert has.  Robert holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and a minor in Biology from the University of Rhode Island.

Robert and Dr. Daniel Engels, , have worked together for years sharing ideas and concepts that have been and continue to be manifested in ComponentSofts products. These products will allow the company and its customers to fully capitalize on the promise of IoT, M2M, and RFID

Dr. Daniel Engels
Engineering Architect

Daniel was the founding Director of the MIT AutoID Labs director of the AutoID Labs where he gained much insight into the system level supply chain challenge facing groups such as the Department of Defense and others.  At the AutoID Center Daniel was one of the original architects of the EPC network protocol and the team led for the first pilot projects at the Auto-ID . The projects Daniel worked on involved some of the founders of the lab, Wal-Mart, P&G, Gillette, and others. He learned firsthand of the obstacles they faced and how to overcome them. This knowledge is brought forward today to help companies with similar challenges while deploying RFID

Daniel now divides his time as Director of the newly formed Texas RFID Center and Associate Professor at the University of Texas at Arlington, and as ComponentSoft’s Chief Technology Officer. He received his PhD from MIT, Masters Degree from Berkeley and Bachelors from State University of New York; all in electrical engineering with a focus on distributed systems architecture. He has more than a dozen patents currently pending.

Alfred Mutiso
Software Engineering Manager

Alfred leads ComponentSofts’ team of software engineers in the ongoing development and enhancements of our suite of RFID software solutions. Alfred has been a research engineer for the MIT’s Sloan School of Management, working on knowledge management systems and data mining.

Alfred brings this strong basic knowledge and keen business insight to ComponentSoft in general and specifically where in the development of RFID system-level tools —  because the end game in RFID is using the data. Alfred received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a concentration in Economics from MIT.

Thaddeus Paul Kochanski, Ph.D.
Scientific and Engineering

Dr. Kochanski is a consultant, educator, and entrepreneur with a background in experimental physics, and extensive expertise in developing, and utilizing multiple sensor technologies to characterize, monitor and control diverse physical systems.  His work from design to real-world applications of RF systems, signal processing, and systems engineering provides a key, multi- technology-encompassing perspective for CS.

His professional career spans: Tokamaks (University of Texas at Austin); Chair Technical Review Panel on Alpha Particle Diagnostics for Fusion Experiments; Defense System Analysis (MIT Lincoln Laboratory); Sensors Signals Systems – wide range of domestic and international clients in technology, applications, intellectual property; Entrepreneurship (co-founder of several high-tech companies); Engineering Education: university (UNH, WIT, International); continuing education (IEEE Boston Section); informal education (Museum of Science Exhibit Hall Interpretation Volunteer for 20 years).