End-To-End Supply Chain Visibility.

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End-To-End Intelligent Systems Solutions

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CS Provide a complete technology stack
for the Internet of Your Things

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reduction in out-of-stock, shrinkage,
and labor costs.

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Unprecedented visibility into inventory levels,
location and authenticity while eliminating
the prohibitive cost barriers previously
associated with item-level RFID roll- outs.

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CS provides a familiar, complete solution
to extend your business from any device to the Cloud

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Build on the Infrastructure you already have

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Add more devices to the ones you already own

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Get more from the data that already exists

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ComponentSoft at a Glance

The most comprehensive Intelligent Systems Deployment and Development Platform.


Connectivity plays a key part in a well-functioning Intelligent Systems. The CS system platform provides best in-class connectivity to enable seamless, scalable and optimal device, and infrastructure functionality


Our Platform offers great flexibility in terms of extending its functionalities. Developers can work with industry standard APIs such as ADO.NET, ODBC, JDBC, PDO, & ADO and across varied platforms like .NET, C/C++, Java, and PHP.


With the CS Management System, Handhelds, PC's, phones, and all devices can easily be identified, centrally managed, and controlled

Creating the Internet of your Things

Where is your business going? How are you going to make it thrive? How will you make the most of what you have, and incorporate today' and tomorrow's technology breakthroughs to ensure your business is set up for the long term?
How are you going to help your employees become more efficient?

How are you going to reduce costs yet improve customer service?
The answers to these questions-and many more-likely already exist in your business with the data and systems you have today. You may need ideas,inspiration, and technology partners to help you stop running your business and start making it thrive.

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ComponentSoft provides end to end solutions in applications requiring RFID and the EPC. Our brand range of RFID software and services represents a full comprehensive RFID vision from foundational commissioning to getting value from EPC data.

DC operational transparency.
Reduce inventory search by 40%.
Inventory in seconds instead of hours.
Maintenance & revisioning reduced from several man hours to a few minutes.
Suppliers see 25% improvement in process.
Smart digital signage.
Microsoft Congratulates Componentsoft as its Intelligent Systems Partner.
Product look up reduced from 30 seconds to a half second.